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Harop NG
Role Attack UCAV
National origin Israel
Manufacturer IAI
Designer IAI
Status In service
Primary user Israel
Developed from IAI Harop

The IAI Harpy NG or IAI Harpy New Generation is an unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) produced by the Israel Aerospace Industries. It is an anti-radiation drone and loitering weapon and is optimized for the SEAD operations. The drone itself has high explosive warhead and nicked name as "Fire and Forget" autonomous weapon.[1]

It can operate in all-weather day/night and it can be launched from a ground vehicle. It has 9 hours airborne time.[2] Harpy improved in several ways from its predecessor, particularly in loiter time, range, altitude, maintenance and training.[3] Also, it improved RF spectrum from 2–18 GHz to 0.8–18 GHz.[4]


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