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A postcard of the ruins of Fort Rosalie, 1907

Old Ursuline Convent, New Orleans, 1733

Ignace François Broutin (La Bassée, 1690[1]-1751) was a French military officer, commander of Fort Rosalie among the Natchez people, and later an architect in colonial Louisiana. He is chiefly remembered for designing the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans. A native of Picardy, he arrived in Louisiana in 1720 and married Madeleine le Maire, widow of Pierre Philippe de Marigny and mother of Antoine Philippe de Marigny. In 1748 his daughter married Louis Xavier Martin de Lino de Chalmette, for whom the town of Chalmette, Louisiana was named.[2]


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  2. Stanley Clisby Arthur, George Campbell Huchet De Kernion Old Families of Louisiana Page 322 1998 "He married, in New Orleans, Madeline Marguerite Broutin, daughter of Ignace François Broutin, royal engineer in the colony and commandant of the Natchez Post, and Madeline le Maire."

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