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Ihor Kononenko
Ігор Кононенко
People's Deputy of Ukraine
Assumed office
27 November 2014
Personal details
Born Ihor Vitaliyovych Kononenko
21 August 1965(1965-08-21) (age 56)
Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Political party Petro Poroshenko Bloc
Spouse(s) Liliya Kononenko
Children Vitaliy, Darya, Olha
Alma mater Kiev Automobile and Highway Institute

Ihor Vitaliyovych Kononenko (also known as Igor Kononenko. Ukrainian language: Ігор Віталійович Кононенко; born 21 August 1965) is a Ukrainian businessman and politician.

Kononenko is a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada (8th convocation) since November 2014, first deputy chairman of the Bloc "Solidarity", and is  a close friend of Petro Poroshenko.[1] In the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election Kononenko lost reelection as an independent candidate in single-seat constituency 94 (Kiev Oblast).

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kononenko graduated the 45th secondary school in Kiev in 1982. He went on to study at the Automobile and Highway Institute in Kiev (KAHI; currently called the National Transport University). From 1984 to 1986, he served in the Soviet Army, where he met Petro Poroshenko. In 1989, he graduated with honors from KAHI. From 1988 to 1990, he worked as secretary of the Komsomol committee in the KAHI. From 1990 to 1991, he was deputy director of the structural unit of the city headquarters of the student brigade. Between 1991 and 1994, he worked as commercial director in two companies – MP "Transport" and JSC Exchange House "Ukraine". From 2004 to 2009, he was chairman of the supervisory board of a transport company (OJSC "Kiev Motor Transport Enterprise – 2240") in Kiev.[2]

Business career[edit | edit source]

Kononenko owns a PJSC Closed Non-diversified Corporate Investment fund VIK, which manages seven companies. Since 2012 he is a chairman of the supervisory board of its fund.[3] Kononenko is a key business partner of Petro Poroshenko and has served as a chairman of the supervisory board in Poroshenko's company[4]

Kononenko was also a member of the supervisory board and worked in Poroshenko's CJSC Ukrainian Industrial and Investment Concern (member of the supervisory board in 1994–2005, first deputy and general director in 2009–2012), Bogdan Motors, Sports-health complex "Monitor" and International Investment Bank. In the latter, Kononenko is a minority shareholder (owner of a 14.92% stake).[5]

In the declaration of 2015, Igor Kononenko indicated the following companies in which he was the head or investor: Shipbuilding plant "Leninskaya Kuznitsa" (Kiev), International Tennis Academy, Medservice Plus, Promavtomatika, European House, Kievgate Investment, Treck Holding Coast S.L. (Spain), Lancashire Big (Spain), Treck Holding Limited (Gibraltar), Vnesheconomservis LLC, RI-SYSTEM LIMITED, Peskovsky glass manufacturing plant (jointly with Petro Poroshenko), Sports and recreational complex "Monitor" (jointly with Poroshenko), insurance company "Kraina" (jointly with Poroshenko), AK Bogdan Motors (jointly with Poroshenko), International Investment Bank (jointly with Poroshenko), Non-diversified investment fund VIK.[6][7][8]

Earnings[edit | edit source]

In an e-declaration for 2016, Kononenko showed a total income of UAH 14,743,000. As a deputy he earned in the Verkhovna Rada UAH 161 thousand, he also had UAH 82 thousand as a percentage of the deposit in the Ukrsotsbank. From the VIK Foundation, Kononenko received dividends of UAH 14.5 million. On the account in the Ukrsotsbank he had UAH 2 million.[9][10]

Awards[edit | edit source]

  • Honorary weapon – Fort-21.02 pistol with 15 bullets (27 December 2015)[11]

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Kononenko is married to Liliya Kononenko (born 1966) and has three children: two daughters (Darya, Olha) and one son (Vitaliy).[12]

He has a keen interest in sports-related endeavors, being a co-owner and founder of the 5th Element Sports Club, ranked as one of the five largest and best fitness clubs in Europe. He is also Honorary President of the All-Ukrainian Sports Bowling Federation.[13]

Charitable Work[edit | edit source]

Kononenko established the Igor Kononenko Charitable Fund in July 2018, allocating $750,000+ to the army, children, the disabled, medical causes, needy families, and other worthy causes. Other charitable endeavors he has donated to include: the renovation of a 5-kid family house that was burned down; medical equipment for the Obukhiv regional hospital; the restoration and purchase of new equipment for a cancer patient ward at the Obukhiv regional hospital. Kononenko also donates to sport-related areas. As founder and owner of Kyiv’s International Tennis Academy, he plays a key role in the support of talented players who otherwise would not be able to thrive in their professional careers.

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