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Ilektra Apostolou in 1944.

Ilektra Apostolou (Greek: Ηλέκτρα Αποστόλου, 1912 - 26 July 1944) was a member of the Young Communist League of Greece, United Panhellenic Organization of Youth and the Communist Party of Greece, participating in the Greek Resistance. She was also a proponent of woman's rights. She was executed by the collaborationist State Special Security Directorate, which was a section of Hellenic Gendarmerie, because of her activity. Besides her action, she is known for the questioning she had with her interrogator: "Where are you from? I am from Greece. Where do you live? In Greece. What is your name? Greek. Who are your collaborators? They're all Greeks. What is your job? I work for the Greek people."[1]

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