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Independent Division of Hubei Provincial Military District
Country People's Republic of China
Branch People's Liberation Army
Service history
Active 1966.9 - 1976.5
Role Infantry
Commanders Niu Huailong

Independent Division of Hubei Provincial Military District (Script error) was formed in September 1966 from the Public Security Contingent of Hubei province. The division was composed of six regiments (1st to 6th).

During the Cultural Revolution the division actively supported the local Million Heroes(Script error) while the other military unit, 29th Army Division supported the other faction Wuhan Workers' General Headquarters(Script error). On July 20, 1967, the mutinous independent division captured and physically assaulted Xie Fuzhi and Wang Li, and sieged Mao's hotel in Wuhan. (See Wuhan Incident.)

After the incident the division was immediately disarmed and relieved by 15th Airborne Corps. Under Mao's directive the division was splitted and joined 29th, 44th and 45th Divisions for "training and refitting". Its commander, Niu Huailong(Script error) was relieved from command and put under investigation.

On July 13, 1968 the division was transferred to newly-formed 17th Army Corps. In December 1969 the division was renamed as 51st Army Division(Script error) and by then the division was composed of:

  • 151st Infantry Regiment;
  • 152nd Infantry Regiment;
  • 153rd Infantry Regiment;
  • Artillery Regiment.

In March 1973 the division was again renamed as Independent Division of Hubei Provincial Military District after 17th Army Corps' disbandment. Since then the division was composed of four regiments(1st to 4th).

In May 1976 the division was disbanded.


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