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Indian cavalry is the name collectively given (for lack of a better one) to the Midwest and Eastern American Indians who fought during the American Civil War, most of them on horseback and for the South.

Cherokee Nation[]

The Cherokee Braves Flag, as flown by Stand Watie.

  • Scales'/Fry's Battalion of Cherokee Cavalry
  • Meyer's Battalion of Cherokee Cavalry
  • Cherokee Battalion of Infantry
  • Second Cherokee Artillery

Chickasaw Nation[]

  • First Regiment of Chickasaw Infantry
  • First Regiment of Chickasaw Cavalry First Colonel: William L. Hunter
  • First Battalion of Chickasaw Cavalry
  • Shecoe's Chickasaw Battalion of Mounted Volunteers

Choctaw Nation[]

  • First Regiment Choctaw & Chickasaw Mounted Rifles
  • First Regiment of Choctaw Mounted Rifles
  • Deneale's Regiment of Choctaw Warriors
  • Second Regiment of Choctaw Cavalry
  • Third Regiment of Choctaw Cavalry
  • Folsom's Battalion of Choctaw Mounted Rifles
  • Capt. John Wilkin's Company of Choctaw Infantry
  • Northwest Frontier Command of Indian Territory

Creek Nation[]

  • First Creek Mounted Rifles - Col. Daniel N. McIntosh, Commanding
    • Co. A - 2nd Lt. William McIntosh
    • Co. C - Capt. William F. McIntosh, Commanding
    • Co. G - Capt. William H. McIntosh, Commanding
    • Co. G - 2nd Lt. A.H. McIntosh
  • Second Creek Mounted Rifles - Lt. Col. Chilly McIntosh, Commanding

Seminole Nation[]

  • First Battalion Seminole Mounted Volunteers
  • First Regiment Seminole Mounted Volunteers

Osage Cavalry Battalion[]

  • First Commander: Major Broken Arm [1][2]

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