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The ingénieurs des études et techniques de travaux maritimes (engineer for studies and techniques of naval constructions) are an officer corps of the French Navy. The uniform is a standard Navy officer uniform, with pearl-grey stripes.

These engineers design, direct and inspect all the high-qualification projects for infrastructure of the Ministry of Defence. Historically attached to the construction service of the Navy, they have been attached to the infrastructure service of National Defence since its creation in September 2005. They work on building sites, in headquarters and with expeditionary forces abroad.

Recruitment is performed by the École Nationale des Travaux Maritimes (ENTM, National School for Naval Constructions). Students are recruited by a competitive exam open to students of the preparatory classes of the best engineering grandes écoles. The courses comprises one year for naval officer training, followed by three years at the École Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'État.


Officiers généraux — (Flag officers)[]

Officiers supérieurs — (Senior officers)[]

Officiers subalternes (Junior officers)[]

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