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Inspector of the German Air Force
Inspekteur der Luftwaffe
Inspekteur Luftwaffe Bundeswehr.svg
Standard of the Inspector of the Air Force
Generalleutnant Ingo Gerhartz

since 29 May 2018
Federal Minister of Defence
Abbreviation InspL
Reports to General Inspector of the Bundeswehr
Precursor Oberkommando der Luftwaffe

The Inspector of the Air Force (German language: Inspekteur der Luftwaffe) is the commander of the Air Force of the modern-day German Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr. The Inspector is responsible for the readiness of personnel and materiel in the German Air Force, in that function reports directly to the Federal Minister of Defence. The current Inspector is Ingo Gerhartz, appointed on 29 May 2018.

The Inspector of the Air Force is the chief of the Air Force Command, based in Gatow, Berlin. They sit under the General Inspector of the Bundeswehr and are a member of the Defence Council for Bundeswehr-wide matters. Both the Inspector and their deputy hold the rank of lieutenant general (German language: Generalleutnant) while in office, although the first Inspector, Josef Kammhuber, was an exception, holding the rank of full general as a reward for his efforts to build up a new German Luftwaffe.

List of Inspectors of the Air Force[]

Inspector of the Air Force Took office Left office Time in office
Josef Kammhuber
Kammhuber, JosefGeneral Josef Kammhuber
1 June 195730 September 19625 years, 121 days
Werner Panitzki
Panitzki, WernerLieutenant General Werner Panitzki
1 October 196225 August 19663 years, 328 days
Johannes Steinhoff
Steinhoff, JohannesLieutenant General Johannes Steinhoff
2 September 196631 December 19704 years, 120 days
Günther Rall
Rall, GüntherLieutenant General Günther Rall
1 January 197131 March 19743 years, 89 days
Gerhard Limberg
Limberg, GerhardLieutenant General Gerhard Limberg
1 April 197430 September 19784 years, 182 days
Friedrich Obleser
Obleser, FriedrichLieutenant General Friedrich Obleser
1 October 197830 March 19834 years, 180 days
Eberhard Eimler
Eimler, EberhardLieutenant General Eberhard Eimler
(born 1930)
1 April 198330 September 19874 years, 182 days
de (Horst Jungkurth)
Jungkurth, HorstLieutenant General de (Horst Jungkurth)
(born 1933)
1 October 198731 March 19913 years, 181 days
Jörg Kuebart
Kuebart, JörgLieutenant General Jörg Kuebart
1 April 199130 September 19943 years, 182 days
de (Bernhard Mende)
Mende, BernhardLieutenant General de (Bernhard Mende)
1 October 199430 September 19972 years, 364 days
de (Rolf Portz)
Portz, RolfLieutenant General de (Rolf Portz)
(born 1940)
1 October 199731 March 20013 years, 181 days
de (Gerhard W. Back)
Back, GerhardLieutenant General de (Gerhard W. Back)
(born 1944)
1 April 200111 January 20042 years, 285 days
de (Klaus-Peter Stieglitz)
Stieglitz, Klaus-PeterLieutenant General de (Klaus-Peter Stieglitz)
(born 1947)
12 January 200429 October 20095 years, 290 days
Aarne Kreuzinger-Janik
Kreuzinger-Janik, AarneLieutenant General Aarne Kreuzinger-Janik
(born 1950)
29 October 200925 April 20122 years, 179 days
de (Karl Müllner)
Müllner, KarlLieutenant General de (Karl Müllner)
(born 1956)
25 April 201229 May 20186 years, 34 days
de (Ingo Gerhartz)
Gerhartz, IngoLieutenant General de (Ingo Gerhartz)
(born 1965)
29 May 2018Incumbent3 years, 108 days


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