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Irregular Warfare Headquarters
Active Since 2 October 1979 (first operation)[1]
Disbanded c. 1982
Country  Iran
Branch Iranian Armed Forces
Type Irregular military
Role Guerrilla warfare
Size ≈ 3,000[2]
Garrison/HQ Ahvaz[3]
Engagements Iran-Iraq War
Mostafa Chamran
Mehdi Chamran

Irregular Warfare Headquarters (Persian: ستاد جنگ‌های نامنظم‎) was an Irregular military unit of Iranian Armed Forces, active during Iran-Iraq War. The unit was established by Mostafa Chamran in 1979. After his death in 1981, Mehdi Chamran became commander of the unit for about 9 months and it eventually was dissolved. Guerrillas fighting in this unit, later joined Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution and Basij.[4]

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