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Island Command Faroes (ISCOMFAROES) was the military unit on the Faroe Islands. It was the military command of the Faroe Islands, the Faroe Islands airspace and the Faroe Islands territorial waters. It supported the local government with military advice as well as search and rescue capabilities. Island Command Faroes was amalgamated with Island Command Greenland to a Joint Arctic Command on 31 October 2012.[1]

Faroes Marine District was established on 5 September 1951 in Tórshavn.

On 1 June 1961 changed the district name to the Faroe Islands Command, and the same date was Marine Station Thorshavn created as authority.

In 1963, Marine Station at Hoyvíksvegur 58 built and became the new home of the Faroe Islands Command, which until 1979 consisted of command authority (Faroe Command), Marine Station and Naval Radio Tórshavn. Since amalgamation in 1979, the Faroe Islands Command has been the joint authority name.

The first January 2001 established the new Level II authority, which was called the Faroe Islands Command.

2 July 2002 held a ceremony where the Dannebrog (Danish Flag) was hauled down for the last time at the Marine Station. The key to the buildings was then handed over to Tórshavn mayor. The final relocation was reality and Mjørkadalur the new home of the Faroe Islands Command.

From Mjørkadalur steered it in 1963 created the NATO radar installations by Sornfelli in the 749 meters. The radar station was a step in the defense of the Arctic Circle. Radar installation was stopped at a small ceremony on 1 January 2007 after more than 40 years [1].

It is allowed for civilians to travel on the mountain road up to the radar facility, which offers a panoramic view of the Faroes.

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  1. The Queen opened the Arctic Command Ritzau, October 31st, 2012

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