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Italian submarine Uebi Scebeli
Italian submarine Uebi Scebeli sinking
Uebi Scebeli sinking after being attacked by British destroyers
Career (Italu) Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned.svg
Name: 'Uebi Scebeli
Builder: Tosi (Taranto, Italy)
Launched: 1937
Fate: Sunk 29 June 1940
General characteristics
Class & type: Adua-class submarine

Uebi Scebeli was an Adua-class Italian submarine during the Second World War. She was forced to the surface by HMS Dainty and HMS Ilex south-west of Crete on 29 June 1940.[1] Secret documents, such as a copy of the Sommergibili Italiani SM 19/S code book were retrieved, prior to the scuttling of the ship.


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