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Itamar attack (2002)
Part of the Second Intifada
Israel outline shomron
Red pog
The attack site
Location Itamar, West Bank, (Area C)
Coordinates 32°10′20.57″N 35°18′29.62″E / 32.1723806°N 35.3082278°E / 32.1723806; 35.3082278
Date 20 June 2002
Circa 21:00 (GMT+2)
Attack type
Shooting attack
Weapons Rifle
Deaths 5 (including 3 children) & 2 attackers
Non-fatal injuries
2 children

The Itamar attack, was an attack that took place on Thursday night of 20 June 2002 around 21:00 in which two Palestinian militants broke into a civilian house in the Israeli settlement of Itamar in the West Bank, killing the Shabo family, murdering a mother and her three sons, while injuring two children. Later on the militants also killed the commander of the rescue squad during his attempt to free civilians trapped in the house. The two gunmen were killed and eight Israelis were wounded when soldiers stormed the house. This was the second attack on Itamar in less than a month. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for the attack.[1][2]

The attackEdit

The militants arrived at Itamar shortly after 21:00 and started shooting in all directions. They then broke into a civilian home, murdered a mother Rachel (age 40) and her three children: Neria (age 15), Zvika (age 12) and Avishai (age 5). One of the militants shot and wounded Asahel (age 10), whose injury has later defined as severe, and Avia (age 13), whose injury was later defined as moderate to severe.[1][3]

The settlements' security unit was alerted to the site as soon as they heard the gunfire. The security unit was the first team to exchange fire with the militants and the first team whom attempted to rescue the civilians trapped in the house. Yoseph Twito (age 31), father of five, whom commanded the security squad, was killed attempting to rescue civilians trapped in the house by the Palestinian militants whom barricaded themselves in the house. Later on, many IDF and Border Police forces surrounded the house and exchanged fire with the militants. Yamas forces arrived at the site as well, and began preparing to break into the house. An hour later the soldiers broke into the house. During the exchange of fire one of the militants was killed. The second militant attempted to flee the house through a window but was killed after a brief battle in a nearby house.[2]

During the takeover, eight Israelis were injured and the house burst into flames.[1][4] Ambulances carrying the wounded were delayed by roadblocks and pelted with stones.[5]

The father of the family, Boaz, was not injured in the attack, nor were two of the children, Yariv and Ataya. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for the attack.[1][2]


  • Yosef Twito, 31[6]
  • Rachel Shabo, 40
  • Neria Shabo, 15
  • Avishai Shabo, 5
  • Zvika Shabo, 12


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