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Iván Ríos
Iván Ríos
Birth name José Juvenal Velandia
Born (1961-12-19)December 19, 1961
Died March 8, 2008(2008-03-08) (aged 46)
Allegiance Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

José Juvenal Velandia, aka Iván Ríos, aka Manuel Jesús Muñoz Ortiz,[1][2][3] (19 December 1961 – 3 March 2008), born in San Francisco, Putumayo, Colombia,[1][3] was the Head of the Central Bloc of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP)[1] and the youngest member of this guerrilla's Central High Command.

Death[edit | edit source]

Ríos was killed by his security chief, Pablo Montoya, on 3 March 2008 in a mountainous area of the western department of Caldas.[4] Colombian military forces were involved in an operation to capture Ríos, when a FARC member named as "Rojas", on 6 March 2008, delivered a severed right hand, a laptop computer and an ID to the troops.[4] "Rojas" claimed that they belonged to Ríos, whom he described as his boss. Pablo Montoya claimed to have killed Ríos three days earlier.[4] Fingerprint results proved that the hand did belong to Ríos, resulting in Colombian authorities going to recover the body.

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