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National Defense University of Ukraine "Ivan Chernyakhovsky" (NDUU) (Ukrainian language:Національний університет оборони України імені Івана Черняховського, Natsionalnyi Universytet Oborony Ukrainy imeni Ivana Chernyakhovskoho ) is a university of higher military education in Ukraine, located in its capital city of Kiev. Subordinated to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the University is training officers specializing in the defense of the country.


The University was founded in 1992 as the Academy of Ukrainian Armed Forces and later Academy of Defence.

It traces some of its heritage to the Second Kiev Military Infantry and Nikolaevskoe Artillery schools (Russian: Второе Киевское военное пехотное и Николаевское артиллерийское училища) that were opened in Kiev during World War I in 1914.

Kiev Nikolaevskoe Artillery School was established in the building that today belongs to the Higher Specialized Court of Ukraine (on criminal and civil issues). With the 1919 Soviet invasion of Ukraine (see Ukrainian–Soviet War), the school was transformed into the Kiev Artillery courses, while the Infantry School was named after the Workers of Red Zamoskvorechye. In May-July 1920 the artillery courses were forced to relocate to Poltava due to advance of Polish-Ukrainian troops and Petr Vrangel's Forces. In Poltava the courses were merged with the Odessa Artillery courses into the Fourth Kiev Artillery Courses. In 1922 the courses were renamed into the Fourth Artillery School and in 1933 were named after Pavel Pavlovich Lebedev, a Russian Hero of the Russian Civil War. In 1935 the school was renamed into the First Artillery School of Lebedev and in February 1941 – the First Artillery School of Kirov. During the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, the school was evacuated to Krasnoyarsk and returned to Kiev on in September 1944. In 1958 it was renamed into the Kiev Higher Engineer School of Artillery and in 1973 into the Kiev Higher Engineer School of Missile Rockets. In 1974 the school became a Kiev branch of the Ground Forces Air Defence Military Artillery Academy. In 1977 it was transformed further into the Kiev Military Academy of Ground Forces Air Defence.

With fall of the Soviet Union in 1992, the Ground Forces Air Defence Military Academy became the Academy of Ukrainian Armed Forces which in 1999 was renamed into the Ukrainian Academy of Defence. In 2008 the academy was transformed into a university.


The Department for reserve officers of the National Defence University of Ukraine is recruiting students for training program for reserve officers to military occupational specialties: " Logistic support for the troops ," " Mathematical and the maintenance of the automated systems ," " Social Psychology ", " Political Science" ; "Finance and Economics," " Construction and operation of military and special structures ," "Application of engineering and engineering - engineering units."

Institutes and training centersEdit

  • Institute of State Military Administration
  • Staff Command Institute in Deployment of Forces
  • Institute of Aviation and Air Defence
  • Institute of Operational Support and Logistics (formerly Kiev Higher Engineer School of Armor Forces and Kiev Institute of Ground Forces)
  • Institute of Information Technologies
  • Humanitarian Institute
  • Scientific Methodical Center in organization of educational activities
  • Scientific Methodical Center in organization of scientific and science-technical activities
  • Training center of International Humanitarian activities
  • Training center of foreign languages
  • Training center of physical training and sports-recreational technologies
  • Center of retraining and professional development
  • Center of imitational modeling
  • Research laboratory in perspective of e-learning development
  • Center of military strategy research
  • Reserve Officers training faculty
  • Scientific Center on issues of Prevention of Corruption in security and defence sectors

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