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Engler Ivan

Ivan Engler

Ivan Engler (born 13 June 1931 in Trenčín, Slovakia) is a Czechoslovaki-born Austrian surgeon, traumatologist, scientist, and author. He is known for devising the 'Ionised Oxygen Therapy' (IO2Th/Engler).


His father was Paul Engler, the district doctor, and his mother Anna (née Kontšek) an artist. He graduated from high school in 1949 in Prešov and in 1955 he was promoted to MUDr. at the Medical Faculty of the University of P.J. Šafárik in Košice, Slovakia, which was followed by research as a microbiologist on tuberculosis. He graduated as a specialist in Bratislava, Brünn, and Vienna while still working, since 1957, in the Clinic for Paediatric Surgery and Neuro-Surgery, Medical Faculty, Comenius University in Bratislava. In 1963 he was made the youngest Ordinarius for Traumatology in the former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Because of persecution, he fled, without passport, in 1965. In Austria he was accepted as a political refugee. In 1968 he became an Austrian citizen and was promoted to Dr. med. Univ (MD) at the MF of the University of Vienna. In 1965-1969, he was appointed to the L. Böhler Emergency Hospital in Vienna. In 1969 he was in charge of the Emergency Clinic Dr. Gut in St. Moritz, Switzerland and in 1970 with the Federal Armed Forces of Austria of the surgical department of the UNO Field Hospital in Nicosia, Cyprus (his service rank was captain). In 1972 he was assistant at the Emergency Clinic II, MF University of Vienna and from 1973–1977 he worked as a chief surgeon in the Rehabilitation Centre AUVA, Bad Häring. In 1977 he suffered an injury of the cervical spine in a car accident and could not continue to work as a surgeon. His record as a surgeon encompassed more than 12,000 major operations. Engler evaluated about 10,000 accidents involving children from Bratislava and recommended preventative measures.

After completing an education in naturopathic treatment in Germany, China, Taiwan, and India, he conducted a private practice in Salzburg (Austria) from 1978-1995 which specialised in various forms of Oxygen-Therapy. In 1981 he was nominated as chief of the Medical Research of Natural Therapies Foundation in Salzburg (MRfNTh), which concentrated especially on the use of water and oxygen in medical practice.

After the democratisation of Slovakia, he was elected as a university lecturer at the Institute of Biology and Parasitology, Comenius University in 1990. He obtained the status of a "Slovak living abroad". In 2005 he obtained the degree of Philosophiae Doctor, (PhD) at the University of P.J. Šafárik, Košice, and in 2006 was appointed as Associate Professor at the Institute for Medical Physiology headed by Prof. V. Donic.

Since his youth, he has been active as an author of literature under the name of Ivo Engler and has travelled the world with his camera. His photo archives contain over 12.000 pictures and slides. The travel reports and stories have been published in various magazines (e.g. Kulturný Život, Smena, Tiroler Tageszeitung, Salzburger Nachrichten etc.) and his work has been broadcast in Slovakian radio and television.

He is divorced, lives in Salzburg and is the father of Andreas Stephan Martin (*1986) and Anna Franziska (*2004).


  • „Who is guilty?“ was voted best Radioplay of 1960 in Bratislava.
  • UNO Medal for Peace, 1970. Collective Nobel Prize for Peace, 1988.
  • Honorary Member of the Slovakian Biological Society - Slovakian Academy of Science, 1991.
  • Honorary Member of Slovakian Writer’s Society, Bratislava, 1997.
  • Golden Promotion - awarded, MF JPŠ Univ., Košice, 2007.

For his 80th birthday in 2011, the University of Salzburg (NAWI) held a celebration in his honor. In the same year, the German Society of Natural Therapy - ZAEN, appointed him in the same year an honorary member and awarded him with the Golden Needle. He also was appointed an honorary member by the German Society for Oncology - DGO.

In the city of Trenčín, his birthplace, was a plaque to his honor mounted to his former house of birth.


Medical Oxygen (O2) lacks the electrically charged Oxygen-Ions (O2-, O2+ with electro-magnetic and photons properties), that, because of their biological effect, are known as „Air-Vitamins“. In nature and in the human organism, there are five oxygen species (mostly O2 with traces of O2-, O2+, 1O2, O3) which work together. Consequently in 1980, he founded the „Ionised Oxygen Therapy“ - IO2Th / Engler which uses all five O2 species.

For the ionization of the Medical Oxygen, he developed the device „Oxygen Ion 3000/by Dr.Engler“: The medical oxygen is converted in an HV Plasma Chamber either to O2- (which has a vagatonic effect) or to O2+ (which has a sympaticatonic effect) in pico doses. Partially ionised oxygen has a noticeably more advantageous effect biologically than pure medical O2 alone: Optimisation of the Oxygen-Lung-Microcirculation parametres, vegetative- phycological regulation, helpful in illness due to escalation of radicals (MS, asthma, cancer, geriatric problems etc.) advantageous in long-term Oxygen-Inhalation Therapy, supportive in all therapy methods and in sport-performance.

He recommended the device „VNS Diagnosis 3000/by Dr.Engler“: it measures, after a minimal electrical stimulus through electrodes on the hand, the electrical resistance (R value in kΩ responsible for Vagus) and the capacity (C value in μF, responsible for Sympaticus) of the water matrix (so-called regulatives, intercellular ground-system). These electrical values give information regarding the vegetative regulative state of the VNS (Vagotonia-Normotonia-Sympaticotonia), enabling the choice of Ions (O2- or O2+) in the therapy (inhalation, insuflation in water, rectal or vaginal etc.), and control of their effect and the prognosis of the disease.

In the newest publication (Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology, 2009), the hypothesis of Nobel prize winner Otto Heinrich Warburg and of P. Seeger on the development of cancer was confirmed in an experiment on human fibroblasts by piko dose of O2+ in medical O2 (see literature and sources). (see Warburg hypothesis)

Works and publicationsEdit

As well as numerous lectures, courses and research projects at the Univ. of Graz, Kaiserlautern, Košice, Martin, Salzburg and Vienna, Ivan Engler has published over 80 papers and 8 monographs:

  • Handbook of Ionized Oxygen Therapy, Ärzteforschung für Naturheilverfahren, Salzburg, 3rd Edition, 2008, p. 199, ISBN 978-3-200-01286-8
  • Handbuch Ionisierter Sauerstoff Therapie, Spurbuchverlag, Baunach, 2004, S. 264, ISBN 3-88778-202-X
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  • Wasser Polaritätsphänomen-Informationsträger-Lebens-Heilmittel (Hrsg.), Spurbuchverlag, Baunach 1999, p. 283, ISBN 3-88778-227-5

Under the name Ivo Engler, the following 6 novels have been published:

  • Doktor, ten Slovák, Odkaz, Bratislava, 1995, p. 297, ISBN 80-85193-29-9
  • Zlatá klietka, Arkus, Senica, 1996, p. 138, ISBN 80-88822-07-6
  • Tara, Odkaz, Bratislava, 1997, p. 127, ISBN 80-85193-71-X
  • Nemocnica pri moste lásky, Vydavatelstvo Spolku slov. spisovateľov, Bratislava, 1999, p. 119, ISBN 80-806-053-3
  • Rozhovory so psom, Modul, Bratislava, 2001, p. 216, ISBN 80-968597-7-3
  • Der süße Tod des Fotografen, 2009, p. 240, ÄfNHV, Salzburg, CD-Rom
  • Zákon bordelu - Sladká smrť fotografa, Vydavateľstvo Spolku slov. spisovateľov, Bratislava, 2009, ISBN 978-80-8061-395-2


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