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Kharkiv National Air Force University named after Ivan Kozhedub
Kharkov air force university 01
Established 2003
Location Kharkiv, Ukraine

The Ivan Kozhedub National Air Force University is a state university administered by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and is located in the city of Kharkiv. The university is named in honor of the Soviet military pilot Ivan Kozhedub.

Kozhedub National University of the Air Force was created on 10 September 2003 on the base of Kharkiv National Institute of the Air Force and Kharkiv Military University. It also is a descendant of two military academies and other nine military higher schools:

  • Gritsevets Military Aviation Higher School of Pilots (1930-1993)
  • Lenin Komsomol Military Aviation Higher School of Radioelectronics (1937-1993)
  • Govorov Military Engineer Radiotechnical Air Defense Academy (1941-1993)
  • Krylov Military Command-Engineer Higher School of the Strategic Missile Forces (1941-1993)
  • Kharkiv Military Aviation Engineer Higher School (1941-1993)
  • Vatutin Military Air Defense Missile Command Superior School (1941-1995)
  • Lenin Komsomol Military Aviation Pilots Superior School (1941-1995)
  • Donbas Proletariat Military Aviation Higher School of Navigators (1966-1994)

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