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Ivan Lönnberg
Self portrait blue Ivan Lönnberg.jpg
One of Ivan Lönnberg's self portraits
Born (1891-11-12)12 November 1891
Stockholm, Sweden
Died 26 April 1918(1918-04-26) (aged 26)
Cachy, Somme, France
Occupation Painter
I skyttegraven by Nils Dardel

I skyttegraven (translates as "In the Trench") by Nils Dardel, 1916. The motive is Ivan Lönnberg as a soldier.

Maratonlöparen Ivan Lönnberg

The athlete Ivan Lönnberg.

Ivan Lönnberg (12 November 1891 – 26 April 1918) was a Swedish modernist painter. In style he was close to the Swedish painters of his generation known as 1909 års män[1] (which translates as The Men of 1909) including Isaac Grünewald, Tor Bjurström, Arthur Percy, Birger Simonsson och Sigfrid Ullman.

In 1912 he had an exhibition in Stockholm with two of his friends, Bertil Norén and Carl Herman Runnström. His production was quite small, roughly 50 works are known including works from art school and self-portraits.[2] Two of his paintings are at Moderna museet in Stockholm. In a memorial exhibition in 1942, 48 of his works were shown.[1] There are several portraits of Lönnberg made by his artist friends, such as Nils Dardel.

Lönnberg was also a long-distance runner. He was to compete marathon at the 1912 Summer Olympics but did not start the race or did not complete it[3] due to illness.[2]

He came to Paris in January 1914, where he became a part of a circle of Swedish painters on Montparnasse including Isaac Grünewald, Einar Jolin, and Eric Detthow. After the World War I broke out he volunteered for France, joining the French Foreign Legion. He died in service in 1918,[1] the year the war ended.


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