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Ivan Lukačević (Serbian language:Иван Лукачевић, Russian: Иван Лукачевич; fl. 1711–12), known as Podgoričanin (Подгоричанин), was a Russian Imperial captain of Serb origin from Podgorica (now in Montenegro) that participated in planning of a Balkan Orthodox uprising with Russian aid against the Ottoman Empire. He was sent with Russian colonel of Serb origin, Mikhail Miloradovich (presumably the grandfather of Mikhail Miloradovich), to deliver documents issued by emperor Peter the Great (and written by diplomat Sava Vladislavich, another Serb in Russian service) on 3 March 1711[1] that called the Balkan Orthodox to rise up against the Ottomans during the Pruth River Campaign.[2] Miloradović and Lukačević arrived at Cetinje and delivered them to metropolitan Danilo, who had them read at a Montenegrin church assembly. This was the first Russian delegation to Montenegro.[3] Danilo, Miloradović and Lukačević then organized military operations (such as the attack on Nikšić).[4] In September 1712, Lukačević left Montenegro and headed for Russia.[5] However, he was left in Berlin.[5]

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