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Ivan Pozharsky
Ivan Alekseyevich Pozharsky.jpg
Ivan Pozharsky, Hero of Soviet Union
Born 27 August 1905
Ardatov, Russian Empire
Died 7 August 1938(1938-08-07) (aged 32)
near Khasan Lake, USSR

Ivan Pozharsky (Russian: Иван Алексеевич Пожарский, August 27, 1905, Ardatov, Russian Empire - August 7, 1938, near Khasan Lake, USSR) is a Hero of Soviet Union.

He was born in 1905 in Ardatov, now Mordovia. He served in the Red Army as a military commissar. He died in Battle of Lake Khasan near Zaozyornaya Sopka and Khasan Lake after being wounded while rallying his men to attack. Pozharsky continued to fight despite his wounds and died at the height of the battle. He was buried in Kraskino (now Khasansky District).[1] District and village in Primorsky Krai, and streets in a few Russian cities, were named after him.[2]


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