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Ivan Semyonovich Pronin (Russian: Ива́н Семёнович Про́нин; November 11, 1902 – 18 May 1942(1942-05-18) (aged 39) was as scout for the army of the Soviet Union.


Ivan Semyonovich Pronin was born on November 11, 1902 in the village of Jasashnaja Tashla (currently part of the Ulyanovsk region). He was the fourth and youngest of his siblings.


When World War II began, Pronin was sent to the Eastern Front. He rushed under a German tank and blew up the track. Pronin was seriously injured, but survived.


In 1942, Pronin was assigned to "the Karkhov operation". During this operation, Pronin's unit successfully destroyed or disabled several German tanks. During this operation, Pronin was killed by the German army.

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