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Jägergewehr 1856/59
Jägergewehr 1856-59
Type Service rifle
Place of origin Switzerland
Service history
In service Never issued
Used by Swiss Army
Production history
Manufacturer Beuret Frères à Liège
Number built 14,000
Weight 4300 g
Length 1320 mm
Barrel length 930 mm

Caliber 10.5 mm
Action Caplock
Feed system Muzzleloader
Sights Iron sights (Quadrantenvisier)

The Jägergewehr 1856/59 (English: Jäger rifle 1856/59), originally designed in 1853, was intended to be a service rifle for use by the Swiss armed forces. It was one of the first pure infantry weapons to feature a rifled barrel. However, by the time all 14,000 procured weapons were delivered in 1860, they were already perceived as obsolete and were never issued to the troops.


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