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Józef Bonawentura Załuski

J.B. Załuski, c. 1825

Józef Bonawentura Załuski (July 14, 1787 – April 25, 1866) was a Polish General Officer and diarist, and participant in the Napoleonic Wars of 1808–1814.


Załuski was born on July 14, 1787 in Ojców.

From 1807 he was a member of the French Army and participated in wars with Spain (1808–1811) and with Austria (1809). He also participated in the Moscow campaign (1812) and later in battles in Germany and France. From 1815 he was in the army of the Kingdom of Poland and then he became an adjutant of Nicholas I and Alexander I. From 1826 to 1830 he was a curator of Free City of Kraków schools.

After resignation in 1829 he became a curator of Jagiellonian University (until 1830). During the November Uprising (1830–1831) he was a director of intelligence and division commander in Polish Army. After the uprising he lived in Galicia. During the Revolutions of 1848 Załuski was a commander of National Guard in Lviv.

Załuski died on April 25, 1866 in Kraków.

Selected worksEdit

  • Wspomnienia w skróceniu z r. 1831... (1860)
  • Wspomnienia o pułku lekkokonnym Gwardii Napoleona I... (1862)
  • Wspomnienia o pułku lekkokonnym polskim (1865)


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