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Jacques Eléonor Rouxel, comte de Grancey, comte de Médavy (May 31, 1655 – November 6, 1725) was a Marshal of France.

He was the grandson of Jacques Rouxel de Grancey (1605–1680), also Marshal of France.

A Cadet in the Gardes du Corps at the age of 18, he was Brigadier of the armées du Roi in 1688 and a Lieutenant General in 1702.

Principal military actions:

After the war, he was named Gouverneur général of the Nivernais and Donzois and the cities of Sedan and Thionville in 1720. In 1724 he was made a Marshal of France by King Louis XV of France.

On 12 June 1685 he married Marie-Thérèse Colbert, a niece of Jean-Baptiste Colbert. They had three daughters, all of whom died before Rouxel.


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