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Jan Kazimierz Krasiński
Personal details
Born 1607
Died 1669 (aged 61–62)
Spouse(s) Urszula Grzybowska
Amata Andrault de Langeron

Jan Kazimierz Krasiński (1607–1669) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic).

Jan Kazimierz was courtier on the royal court. He was podkomorzy of Ciechanów since 1634, castellan of Ciechanów since 1637 and of Warsaw since 1648, voivode of Płock Voivodeship since 1650, Grand Treasurer of the Crown from 1658 to 1669, Royal Colonel since 1661, Starost of Łomża, Nowe Miasto Korczyn, Grabów, Przasnysz and Parczew.

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