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Japanese Eighth Area Army
Disabled Japanese tank at Biak.jpg
Disabled Japanese tank at Biak
Active November 16, 1942 - August 15, 1945
Country Empire of Japan
Branch Imperial Japanese Army
Type Infantry
Role Field Army
Garrison/HQ Rabaul
Nickname(s) 剛(Gō = “strength”)
Engagements Solomon Islands campaign
New Guinea campaign

The Japanese Eighth Area Army (第8方面軍 Dai-hachi hōmen gun?) was a field army of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.


The Japanese 8th Area Army was formed on November 16, 1942 under the Southern Expeditionary Army Group for the specific task of opposing landings by Allied forces in Japanese-occupied Solomon Islands and New Guinea.[1] It had its headquarters at Rabaul, New Britain and saw considerable combat in the Solomon Islands campaign, Bougainville campaign and New Guinea campaign.[2]

List of CommandersEdit

Name From To
Commanding officer Lieutenant General Hitoshi Imamura 9 November 1942 15 August 1945
Chief of Staff Major General Rimpei Katō 9 November 1942 15 August 1945



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Notes Edit

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