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Japanese submarine I-177
I-176, a submarine of the same class as I-177
Career (Empire of Japan) Naval Ensign of Japan
Name: I-177
Commissioned: 28 December 1942
Fate: Sunk by USS Samuel S. Miles (DE-183) on 3 October 1944
General characteristics
Class & type: KD7 type Kaidai-class submarine
Complement: 101 Sailors

Japanese Submarine I-177 was a Japanese KD7 type Kaidai-class submarine that saw service during World War II in the Imperial Japanese Navy. I-177 was commissioned on 28 December 1942 and was sunk by USS Samuel S. Miles (DE-183) on 3 October 1944 with the loss of her entire crew of 101 sailors. She was the submarine responsible for sinking Australian Hospital Ship Centaur, an act considered to be a war crime, off the Australian east coast on 14 May 1943.[1]



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