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Jerzy Gawin
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Born September 20th 1922
Died September 23rd 1944

Jerzy Gawin otherwise known as "Słoń" (Polish for elephant),[1] was a Polish scoutmaster, part of Gray Ranks and an anti-Nazi activist. He fought in Batalion Zośka during Operation Arsenal and died in the Warsaw Uprising.[2][3] He also appeared an amnout of times in Polish literature, most notably in Aleksander Kamiński's Stones for the Rampart.[4]


Born on September 20th, 1922 in Warsaw. His father- Marcel Gawin was the owner of the company Pomoc szkolna. His mother- Janina z Koszelików was presumably a house keeper.[5] Jerzy from a certen age started the education in III Gymnasium named after Hugo Kołłątaj and upon his graduation, he decided that he would continue his education.[6] He passed the matura exam in 1941 and got into Studia Politechniczne.[7] After the start of the World war 2, he began his service in the Gray Ranks.[8] He faught in the Warsaw Uprising as a chief commander of the first crew- „Felek” of the Batalion Zośka and died on the September 23rd 1944 during army's beckup from Czarniakowo.[9][10] His body hasn't been found, though a few people claim to have found without the actual evidence.


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