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Brígido Martín Joaquín Guadalupe Del Fernández Chicarro Bernal (México City, October 8, 1865 - ¿?) He was a Mexican military man who participated in the Mexican Revolution. As custodian of the murder of Francisco I. Madero and Governor of Queretaro.


Joaquin Chicarro was born in Mexico City in 1865, parents Francisco and Dolores Bernal Chicarro . Joaquin lived in 1875 in Mexico City , Federal District.[1]


Chicarro had been a companion of General Victoriano Huerta in the campaign against the rebellion led by General Canuto A. Neri in the state of Guerrero, in 1893 , where it most likely befriended him, and perhaps this was designated to care Madero, taking care that the defendant had no contact with the outside . After the triumph of Huerta , he held important positions in the military Candidate School , was part of Staff and became governor of Queretaro. In just over a year, he managed to climb to brigadier general. Colonel and general.[2]


Governor González de Cosío resigned in 1911, replaced by Joaquín F.Chicarro, who was allied with Victoriano Huerta and more authoritarian.[3][4]


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