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Multiple Cradle Launcher
Type Rocket artillery
Place of origin TurkeyTurkey / Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg UAE[1]
Service history
Used by United Arab Emirates
Production history
Designer Roketsan[2]
Manufacturer Roketsan / Jobaria[3]
Crew 3

Barrels 240
Rate of fire 2 rounds/sec
Effective range 16 km
Maximum range 37 km

Multiple Cradle Launcher is designed and developed by Roketsan in order to meet the requests of UAE. The initial models were produced in Turkey. Later the production process continued in UAE. It is the newest rocket artillery in the UAE army. It has 240 tubes making it the world's largest rocket artillery by tube count. It is thought to replace the BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher.


The United Arab Emirates Army made a request for a rocket artillery battery to be mounted on one vehicle, since the army is using six vehicles,[4] most likely BM-21 Grad, to do the same. The Multiple Cradle Launcher has an advantage over the use of six vehicles which require a team of 30 men, whereas the Multiple Cradle Launcher only needs a team of three to operate and launching the same number of rockets (240). It has four rocket launchers attached to the trailer each carrying sixty 122mm rockets. The system fires Roketsan 122mm TR- 122 rockets fitted with a high-explosive warhead that can be detonated by using either a point detonating fuze or by a proximity fuze.[5] The operator of the system can choose how many and which pods he fires. All rockets can be fired in under two minutes, making the rate of fire 2 rounds per second.

After launching the rockets the system can relocate and continue firing rockets if it had not launched its entire payload or if it had, then be rearmed by a support vehicle in about 30 minutes. The support vehicle has two cranes each reloading two pods of the system.


Roketsan also developed a Rocket Launcher, which fires both 107mm and 122mm rockets from the same Launcher, making it a Multi-Calibre, Multiple Rocket Launcher.


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