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Jobert of Syria (also rendered Gilbert, Josberto, or Joubert) (died 1177) was the seventh Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller from 1172 to his death, which is assumed from his disappearance from history to have occurred in 1177. He succeeded Cast de Murols (1170–1172), while Cast's predecessor, Gilbert d'Aissailly, who was still living, had been deposed. The memory of Gilbert must have informed Jobert how not to waste the Order's funds, for he seems to have been a responsible steward of the order's assets. He set aside property for the production of white bread for the poor at the hospital in Jerusalem.

In August 1174, he refused to commit, along with the other Orders, to aiding the Sicilian navy in attacking Egypt with Miles de Plancy, the regent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. In December, however, he joined the new regent, Raymond III of Tripoli, in a planned attack on Sultan Saladin. He and his forces were with the army which menaced Homs after Saladin had taken it. Battle was not engaged, and the Franks left in exchange for the release of hostages and remission of ransoms.

In 1176, Baldwin IV of Jerusalem confirmed a grant of lands in Egypt to the Order in exchange for assistance from Jobert in the planned campaign there. Though Jobert supported the Egyptian policy, he is last mentioned in January 1177, and his successor, Roger de Moulins, did not agree with the plan and it was abandoned.

Preceded by
Gastone de Murols
Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller
Succeeded by
Roger de Moulins

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