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Joseph Howley was a member of the local Irish Volunteers at Oranmore, County Galway. Howley mobilized and led a combined contingent of 106 Volunteers from Oranmore Including Tommy Furey and neighboring Maree on Easter Tuesday morning of the 1916 Easter Rising. Their plan was to attack the Oranmore barracks.[1] The company failed to capture the barracks, and his men to join those of Liam Mellows.[2]

Joseph was shot dead by the R.I.C at the Broadstone Railway Station in Dublin, Ireland, on December 4, 1920[3] A special Intelligence Unit attached to the RIC known as the Cairo Gang was responsible.[4] A memorial statue to Howley was erected in 1947 in Howley Court in Oranmore.[5] The inscription reads:

Comdt. Joseph Howley. He led his volunteers in Easter week 1916 and was murdered by English agents at the Broadstone Dublin 1920.

Erected in 1947 by his old comrades of 1916 - 1920.[6]

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