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Johan Andreas Cornelius Ohme
Johan Andreas Cornelius Ohme.jpg
Johan Andreas Cornelius Ohme
Born 1746
Died 5 March 1818 (aged 71–72)
Place of birth Holstein, Holstein-Glückstadt
Place of death Fredrikstad, Norway
Years of service 1764-1818
Rank Major General
Commands held Commandant at Fredriksten
Commandant at Fredrikstad Fortress
Awards Order of the Sword

Johan Andreas Cornelius Ohme (1746 - 5 March 1818),[1] was a Danish-Norwegian army officer.

Early yearsEdit

Johan Andreas Ohme started his military career as an artillery cadet in 1764.[2] Nine years later he went to Denmark and was on the 4 February appointed Second Lieutenant. But his stay in Denmark was to be short since he only a month later was sent to Norway as a First Lieutenant in the 14th artillery company in Trondheim.[3] In 1787, Ohme returned to Denmark and was promoted to Captain on November 23, and later Major on 12 June 1795.[2]

Military careerEdit

On 8 May 1805, Ohme was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the artillery, and returned to Norway as a Colonel and head of the Artillery Corps on 8 February 1809.[2] At the outbreak of the Dano-Swedish War of 1808-1809 he was put in charge of a reserve brigade in the area between Grønsund and Fetsund, and later during the war transferred to the infantry.[2] After the war in 1809, he became interim commander at Akershus Fortress,[3] and later Commandant at Fredriksten from the 13 February 1810.[1] He was on 25 January 1812 also promoted to Major General.[1]

During the Swedish campaign against Norway in 1814, Fredriksten fortress came under siege, and suffered under heavy bombardment. But the fortress held out and was not surrendered to the Swedes until after the Convention of Moss. Ohme was later again offered the position of Commandant at Fredriksten, but turned it down.[2]

He was, however, appointed Commandant in Fredrikstad on 5 February 1815, and took over the fortress when the Swedish occupation forces pulled out.[3] That same year he was also awarded the Order of the Sword.


Johan Andreas Ohme died as Commandant in Fredrikstad on 5 March 1818 and was buried in the old cemetery at the Eastern Fredrikstad Church.[3] Ohme remained unmarried, and at his death he established an endowment to the upbringing of orphan officer daughters at the age from 9-18.[2]

17 May 1905 it was erected a memorial over his grave, as it is placed flowers on it each 17 May (Norwegian Constitution Day).[2]


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Preceded by
Prince Christian August
Commandant at Fredriksten
Succeeded by
Johan Hübner Holst
Preceded by
Nils Christian Frederik Hals
Commandant at Fredrikstad Fortress
Succeeded by
Johan Georg Mejlænder

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