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Johan Bergenstråhle

Johan Bergenstråhle

Johan Bergenstråhle (May 13, 1756 – March 7, 1840 in Stockholm) was a Swedish military officer who participated in Russo-Swedish War (1788-1790), and the Finnish War. In June 1808 he was sent as a colonel of the Swedish Army, with 1,000 men and four cannon to Vasa in order to retake the city from the Russians. The expedition failed; Bergenstråhle was wounded and captured on June 25.

Military careerEdit

Personal lifeEdit

Bergenstråhle was married on October 12, 1785 to Carolina Margareta von Cristiersson (1767-1799), who bore him seven children. He remarried on 23 September 1800, taking Ulrika Gustava Riddersvärd (1781-1849) to be his wife: she bore him ten children.


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