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John I/II
Armoiries Chypre Jérusalem.svg
coat-of-arms of Lusignan of Cyprus and Jerusalem
Preceded by Hugh (III)
Succeeded by Henry II
Personal details
Born 1259/67
Died 1285

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John II of Jerusalem (1259 or ca. 1267 – 20 May 1285 in Nicosia) was the eldest son of Hugh III de Poitiers, king of Cyprus and Isabella of Ibelin. He succeeded his father as King of Cyprus (as John I) on March 24 and was crowned at Santa Sophia, Nicosia on May 11, 1284. His succession as King of Jerusalem was opposed by Charles I of Naples, who had also disrupted his father's succession. John died the following year on 20 May, having never married and leaving no children. He was buried in the church of St. Demetrius or according to some Santa Sophia, in Nicosia. According to some authors he was poisoned by his brothers, one of whom, Henry II, succeeded him in Cyprus and Jerusalem. He died unmarried and without issue.


Preceded by
Hugh III/I
King of Cyprus
Succeeded by
Henry II
King of Jerusalem

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