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Jovan Monasterlija
Born 1660s
Died 1706 (aged 45–46)
Place of birth Komorn, Habsburg Monarchy (modern Slovakia)
Place of death Großwardein, Habsburg Monarchy (modern Romania)
Allegiance Holy Roman Empire (Leopold I)
Years of service fl. 1683–1706
Rank Vice-voivode
Unit Serbian Militia (Monasterlija's Serbs)

Jovan Monasterlija (Serbian Cyrillic language: Јован Монастерлија

[lower-alpha 1] fl. 1683–1706) was a Serbian vice-voivode[1] (podvojvoda) and Austrian (Holy Roman Empire) imperial officer that led a Serb army against the Ottoman Empire and other enemies of the Austrian Emperor. He was titled "Chief of the Serbian Nation" by Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I.

Monasterlija was born to father Petar in Komorn County, where his ancestors had settled in 1606 from Srpski Kovin, possibly originally from Bitola (Monastir), hence his epithet "Monasterlija" (Turkish: Monastirli, of Monastir). His family was of noble status, his father had been granted noble status in 1655.

Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria, led the capture of Belgrade in 1688 from the Ottomans, with the full support of Serbian insurgents under the command of Monasterlija. Between 1689 and 1692, central parts of present-day Serbia were controlled by the Habsburg crown. In 1689 Monasterlija was sent to defend Golubac. On 11 April 1691, he was appointed the military commander of the Serb Army (called Monasterlijini Raci – Monasterlija's Serbs), after Serbs demanded their own leaders while going to battle. His command was of more than 10,000 volunteer Serb soldiers, and was to be under the direct supervision of the Aulic War Council,[2] the soldiers were highly regarded by Leopold.

He took part in the Battle of Slankamen and Battle of Senta. After the wars he gains overlordship of the Petrovaradin fortress, and is appointed to overlook the building of a pontoon bridge over the Danube. He retired after the Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699 and was given land by Leopold. He was nevertheless sent to fight off the uprising of Francis II Rákóczi against the Habsburgs in 1703. He succeeded and was given the title of general. Leopold, just before his death, gave Jovan the task of integrating the Serb units into the regular Austrian army. He died from wounds sustained during the siege of Oradea.

He was married to Ana Rašković, a member of the Rašković noble family.

Jovan contributed to the Fruška Gora monasteries.[3] He died in 1706 and was buried in Šišatovac,[4] where his tomb lays, with the coat of arms of the family.[5]

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Military offices
Preceded by
Vice-Voivode of the Serb Army
of Leopold I (HRE)

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  1. His Serbian name is Jovan Monasterlija, other variations are Manastirlija, while in German; Johann Monasterli. His father was Petar, hence, according to the contemporary naming culture, his name was Jovan Petrović.

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