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Major General Joyce "Joy" Stevens is the first female general officer in the Texas Army National Guard. She was promoted to brigadier general on 14 July 2006 and has more recently been promoted to Major general, retroactive to 5 August 2010 . She is currently assistant to the Adjutant General of the Texas Military Forces and dually titled as the Commander of the Texas Army National Guard, commanding approximately 19,000 soldiers and 117 armories in 102 communities across Texas.

General Stevens began her military service in April 1979. Her assignments have included various command and staff positions within the 49th Armored Division and the 71st Troop Command. She served as the Commander of the 536th Forward Support Battalion where she was also the full-time Battalion Administrative Officer; the Assistant Chief of Staff, G4 for the 49th Armored Division (Rear); the 71st Troop Command Assistant Chief of Staff, G3; and the Commander of the 111th Area Support Group. Most recently, she deployed to combat as a brigade level Task Force Commander in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Her unit was responsible for Base Operations, which entailed the management and security of Bagram Air Field (the largest U.S Base in Afghanistan). Additionally, General Stevens was responsible for security and reconstruction projects in the adjacent Kapisa, Parwan and Panjshir Provinces of Afghanistan.

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