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The Office of the Judge Advocate General for the Canadian Forces provides legal advice to commanders at bases and wings, provides lawyers who defend accused persons at courts martial, teaches courses to other CF members or advises a commanding officer in an operational theatre to uphold the ethical and legal principles established by both the Canadian Forces and the Government of Canada. The current JAG of the Canadian Forces is Major-General B. Blaise Cathcart.

The office consists of 159 regular force legal officer positions and 64 reserve force legal officer positions. Regular force legal officers are deployed as follows:

List of JAG[edit | edit source]

  1. Major-General Henry Smith, 1911-1918[1]
  2. Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver Mowat Biggar, 1918-1920[1]
  3. Brigadier Reginald John Orde, 1920-1950[1]
  4. Brigadier-General William J. Lawson, 1950-1969[1]
  5. Brigadier-General Harold A. McLearn,1969-1972[1]
  6. Brigadier-General James M. Simpson, 1972-1976[1]
  7. Major-General John Patterson Wolfe, 1976-1982[1]
  8. Brigadier-General Frank Karwandy, 1982-1986[1]
  9. Brigadier-General Robert L. Martin, 1986-1990[1]
  10. Commodore Peter R. Partner, 1990-1993[1]
  11. Brigadier-General Pierre G. Boutet, 1993-1998[1]
  12. Brigadier-General Jerry S.T. Pitzul, 1998-2006[1]
  13. Brigadier-General Ken Watkin, 2006-2010[1]
  14. Major-General B. Blaise Cathcart, 2010 – Present[1]

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