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Brigadier General Julian Stachiewicz (Polish pronunciation: [ˈjuljan staˈxʲɛvʲit͡ʂ]; 1890-1934) was a Polish Army officer and a historian and writer.


Julian Stachiewicz was the brother of General Wacław Stachiewicz. Before World War I he joined the Riflemen's Association. In 1914-21 he fought in the Polish Legions, the Polish Military Organization, the Greater Poland Uprising, the Polish-Ukrainian War, and the Polish-Soviet War. He briefly commanded the 13th Infantry Division and in 1923 became head of the Military Bureau of History (Wojskowe Biuro Historyczne), being promoted a year later to brigadier general. In 1928 he created the Military Historical Review (Wojskowy Przegląd Historyczny), a journal that is published to this day. He was involved with Polish Radio and was a member of academic societies such as the Polish Academy of Learning.

He was awarded the Virtuti Militari (V class) (1921), the Polonia Restituta (IV and III class), the Cross of Independence with Swords, and four times the Cross of Valour.

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