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June–July 2016 Sulu and Basilan clashes
Part of Moro conflict
Ph locator sulu jolo
Date June–July, 2016
Location Patikul, Sulu
Tipo-Tipo and Ungkaya Pukan, Basilan
Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines AQMI Flag asymmetric.svg Abu Sayyaf
Commanders and leaders
Philippines Rodrigo Duterte AQMI Flag asymmetric.svg Isnilon Hapilon
AQMI Flag asymmetric.svg Furiji Indama
Units involved
Flag of the Philippine Army.svg Philippine Army
  • 18th Infantry Battalion
  • 32nd Infantry Battalion
5000(not all involved in clashes) about 200 in Sulu;

about 200 in Basilan

Casualties and losses
2 killed,40+wounded
  • 16 wounded in Sulu,June 21
  • 18 wounded in Sulu,June 22
  • 1 killed,6 wounded in Sulu,July 7
  • 1 killed,5 wounded in Basilan,July 12
50 killed,30+ wounded
  • 3 killed,10+ wounded in Sulu,June 21
  • 7+killed in Sulu,June 22
  • 22 killed,16 wounded in Sulu,July 7~July 11
  • 18 killed,9 wounded in Basilan,July 6~July 12
The Summer 2016 Sulu and Basilan clashes were armed conflicts that took place in two battlefronts on the southern islands of Mindanao from 21 June to 12 July.


After the Canadian hostage John Ridsdel had been beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf group(ASG) in late April 2016, another Canadian hostage, Robert Hall was beheaded on June 13, 2016.[1] The ASG even demanded $13 million ransom for the release of two hostages they held.[2]

Since the group had gained notoriety in recent months, Philippine President Duterte warned the ASG to stop kidnapping, saying he will eventually confront them.[3]

On 17 June ,about 5,000 Philippine soldiers had been deployed to the target areas in Sulu to track down the ASG.[1]



On 21 June,Soldiers from the 32nd Infantry Battalion encountered about 200 ASG members in Patikul town past 2 p.m. 3 members of the ASG were killed and at least 10 were wounded.16 Army soldiers were also wounded.[4]

One day after on 22 June,another firefight left at least 7 members of the ASG killed and 18 soldiers wounded.[5]

As the operation tracking down two hostages continued,on 7 July,troops encountered suspected members of the ASG.One soldier was dead and 6 soldiers were wounded.As for the ASG,9 was killed and at least 19 militants were wounded.[6]

When this firefight had lasted to 11 July,the number of ASG killed rose to 22.


On 6 July, 7:30pm,Suspected ASG bandits led by Furuji Indama and Isnilon Hapilon stormed a barangay (village) in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan.The attack targeted the headquarters of 18th Infantry Battalion.[7] Then the ASG had occupied and fortified one hill called Hill 490 of Ungkaya Pukan town as a staging point.

On 12 July,6am,army rangers were closing in to assault Hill 490 after air and artillery struck to soften the ASG's defenses.But one army ranger was killed and 5 others were injured after one of them tripped an improvised explosive device.The government casualties were immediately airlifted to Camp Navarro General Hospital in this city for treatment.[8]

At least 18 militants have been killed and 9 have been wounded in Basilan operations.


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