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Juste-Charles de Faÿ de la Tour-Maubourg (1774 – 1824) married Anastasie de La Fayette (1777–1863), the daughter of marquis de Lafayette, and Adrienne de La Fayette.

They had three daughters. The second, Jenny, married General Ettore Perrone di San Martino, famous politician of the Kingdom of Piedmont. Among their descendants is the present Queen Paola of Belgium. His father was Claude Florimond de Faÿ (1712 – 1790), and his mother was Marie Françoise de Vachon de Belmont (b.1712).


He was captured at Rochefort, Belgium, with his brothers, and Lafayette, and imprisoned by the Austrians, but was soon released. He lived in exile until the release of his brother. After the Lafayettes release from Olmutz, he married Anastasie de la Fayette (1777–1863), at Madame de Tessé's Witmold, on 9 May 1798.[1]


He rebuilt the family castle, le Château des Mayeux, destroyed under the Revolution by a fire.[2]

He became mayor of La Chapelle-Rablais in 1830, and owned le Château des Mayeux until 1846.



His brother, Marie Victor de Fay, marquis de Latour-Maubourg, was a Cavalry Corps commander, survived the Russian Campaign, and was wounded at the battle of Leipzig.

His older brother, Charles César de Fay de La Tour-Maubourg (b. 11 February 1757 – 28 May 1831) was also captured at Rochefort, Belgium, and imprisoned with Lafayette in Olmutz prison until September 1797. He married Charlotte, daughter of Charles Pinault de Thénelles, (d. 18 June 1837). They had six children:

  • Just Pons Florimond, marquis de La Tour-Maubourg, who married Caroline Perrone di San Martino;
  • Adèle (b. 22 September 1783) who married on 19 September 1801, François de Baigneux de Courcival;
  • Rodolphe (b. 8 October 1787 – 27 May 1871), vicomte de La Tour-Maubourg, 1845 pair de France;
  • Marie-Stéphanie (30 September 1790 – 21 February 1868), who married in 1810 Antoine comte Andréossy, (6 March 1761 – 10 September 1828);
  • Eléonore (d. 9 April 1831);
  • Armand-Charles (22 July 1801 – 18 April 1845), vicomte de La Tour-Maubourg, 1841 pair de France, who married Octavie Daru (d. 18 April 1834).[3]


He married Anastasie de la Fayette (1777–1863), on 9 May 1798. She followed her mother Adrienne de La Fayette to Olmutz prison; she copied her letters from prison. After 1848 she lived in Turin with her daughter.[4]

Their daughters, Celestine married Baron de Brigode, and Jenny married Comte Hector Perrone di San-Martino (12 January 1789 – 29 Mar 1849), on 2 Feb 1833.[5][6] His father was Carlo Giuseppe Perrone di San Martino, and his mother was Paola d'Argentero-Bersezio.[7] Henry Clay attend the wedding.[8]

Comte Hector Perrone di San-Martino graduated from Saint-Cyr in 1806, was wounded at the battle of Wagram, and three times at the Battle of Montmirail. He was killed at the Battle of Novara in the Piedmont, Italy, on 22 March 1849.[9]

One of the Comte's descendants is Queen Paola of Belgium.


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