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Justo Boneo y Morales
18ºGovernor of the Spanish Colony of Texas

In office
Preceded by Tomás Felipe de Winthuisen
Succeeded by Francisco Garcia Larios
Personal details
Born unknown
Died September, 1744
Profession Political

Justo Boneo y Morales was governor of Texas between 1743–1744, and knight of the Order of Santiago.


Justo Boneo y Morales joined the Spanish army when he was young and he succeeded in raising Lieutenant Colonel. On July 15, 1740, he was sent to an area of Louisiana, near Los Adaes, to investigate this area and the charges made by former governor Carlos Franquis de Lugo against also former governor Manuel de Sandoval and the missionaries in Texas. Boneo y Morales was named governor of Texas on December 17, 1743 and little after he was at Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Los Adaes Presidio. Boneo y Morales died in September of 1744, while he still ruled Texas.[1]


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