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KN-11 Polaris
Type SLBM , can be modified as Mobile MRBM IRBM ICBM TEL
Place of origin  North Korea , Russia , URSS
Service history
Used by  North Korea ( , possibly Iran )
Production history
Manufacturer North Korea
Warhead nuclear TNW (also HE)

Engine Liquid (same or derived from R-27 R-29)
Propellant storable , liquid (also solid) NTO UDMH (also Tonka TG02 Samin or hydrazine UDMH with IRFNA AK)
2400 Km to 3000 4200 km max , half (1200 1500) with different propellants , R29 derived KN08 if adapted to SLBM range 4200 - 8900 Km +- , half (2100 4500) with different propellants
Inertial , other ?
Sinpo-class submarine , kilo other SLBM submarines , MAZ-based vehicle

The KN-11 (choshongul 북극성1호 (or 북한명 북극성 , Hwasong-10 화성10호 ) hanzhi 北極星1号 ) or Polaris-1 North Star Pukkuksong-1 or Bukkeuksong-1 or Nodong-D is a new North Korean submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) that is under development , based on the soviet Russian R-27 and other projects on R-29 , R-29RM . There are conflicting reports over the current stage of development.

According to a KBS World Radio report, on 23 January 2015 US military officials spotted a flight test of such missile on a sea-based platform. This test came shortly after the North Korea a test from static launcher on land platform in November 2014. Since the test is not conducted on submarine directly, thus the US officials believed that this missile is still in its early stage of development.[1]

The Korea Herald reported that South Korean government officials responded that the report was incorrect, saying "The reports on a flight test of the SLBM were different from the truth. It was a test of a vertical launcher, not a flight test".[2]

Washington Free Beacon reported, that North Korea conducted a third test with the missile on an underwater test platform on 22 April 2015 near the country's coastal city of Sinpo and that previous tests of the KN-11 missile were conducted in January 23 and in October 2014.[3] South Korean officials later stated it was an "ejection test" to evaluate ejecting a submerged ballistic missile rather than a full test of a new missile system,[4][5] and that the test missile seemed to have been launched from a submerged barge rather than a submarine.[6]

Since information available is scarce, further technical details such as estimated range and payload, are yet to be determined.

2015 SLBM Test[edit | edit source]

On 9 May 2015, it was reported by North Korea's state run television that it has successfully tested a submarine launched ballistic missile without providing much details such as place of test, time of test as well as technical details such as the missile name and its range. The information it provides is a pictures and Videos showing that Kim Jong Un is watching the test with a missile fired from a submarine with the name [7]Bukkeukseong-1 or Polaris-1 inscribed on the missile body.[5][8]

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