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The Kallarawa massacre was carried out by the LTTE, an organisation which has been banned in 32 countries including the US, Australia, EU, India and Canada due to its terrorist activities.

This massacre occurred at a small fishing village called Kallarawa located on the Eastern seaboard of Sri Lanka. Kallarawa is located 35 kilometres away from Trincomalee town. The village was populated by migrant fishermen at the time of the attack. Kallarawa was known as an area which produces good catches for fishermen.[1]


The Kallarawa massacre is an incident on 25 May 1995 during which LTTE cadres massacred 42 Sinhalese men, women and children in Kallarawa.[2] All the remaining civilian survivors fled the village after this incident leading to its depopulation.[1] However survivors from the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities have returned to Kallarawa under the protection of the Sri Lankan Army.[1]

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