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Kiev Military Institute of Control and Signals (Ukrainian language: Київський Військовий Інститут Управління і Зв'язку, Kyivskyi Viyskovyi Instytut Upravlinnia i Zvyazku ) is an institution of higher military education in Ukraine, located in its capital city of Kiev. Subordinated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Institute is training officers specializing in signals, combat control, radio reconnaissance and electronic warfare. Respectively, it is an important educational center for high-tech electronics and telecommunications.

The Institute was founded back in Soviet times as "Kiev Higher Military Radio-Technical Engineering School" (Russian: Киевское высшее военное инженерное радиотехническое училище, КВВИРТУ, abbreviated KVVIRTU).

The main compound of the Institute is situated in Pechersk district of Kiev. The compound was occupied by military education facilities as early as in late 19th century.

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