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„Kommando Territoriale Aufgaben der Bundeswehr
— KdoTerrAufgBw —
("Bundeswehr Territorial Tasks Command")
Active January 24th, 2013
Country  Germany
Branch Joint Support Service
Type Territorial Command
Size 200
Part of German Army
Garrison/HQ Berlin


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The Kommando Territoriale Aufgaben der Bundeswehr short (KdoTerrAufgBw) "Bundeswehr Territorial Tasks Command" of the Bundeswehr is based in the Julius-Leber- Kaserne (Barracks) in Berlin-Wedding was founded in 2013 and is in charge of all territorial tasks of the forces as well as for the support of the civil administration.

Organisation[edit | edit source]

The Kommando Territoriale Aufgaben der Bundeswehr is under the command of the Streitkräftebasis (SKB) (Joint Support Service) and leads the following tasks on its behalf:

The Kommando Territoriale Aufgaben der Bundeswehr besides the Führungsunterstützungskommando der Bundeswehr and the Logistikkommando der Bundeswehr one of three new established Ability-Commands of the Joint Support Service (SKB). It is an equivalent to a Division[1] [2]

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