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Kommodore (pronounced kom-o-'dor-eh) is a German rank equivalent to Commodore. Kommodore originated as a title used by some Captains in World War I. A German Commodore could hold any naval rank between Lieutenant and Captain and the title of Commodore was held by those officers who held tactical control over more than one vessel. This was most common with U-Boat commanders in charge of several submarines that were assigned to a single task force. (In the 19th-Century, German officers of this rank were referred to as Fleet Captains (Flottenkapitän).)

By World War II, Commodore had at last become an actual rank in the Kriegsmarine (German War Navy). The position was considered that of a senior Captain, with insignia being the shoulder boards of a Captain with one thick rank stripe on the sleeve. German Commodores also were permitted to wear greatcoat lapels and visor insignia of an Admiral but were not officially members of the German Admiralty. The World War II rank of Commodore existed in a grey zone of seniority, very similar to the Schutzstaffel (S.S.) rank of Oberführer.

After the fall of Nazi Germany, and the rebuilding of the Deutsche Marine (modern German navy), Commodore fell into disuse as a rank, effectively replaced by the Flotilla Admiral (Flottillenadmiral) which is the lowest flag rank. It reappeared as a title in the 1950s. In the modern age, a German Commodore is a senior Captain who holds the rank of Captain but holds such positions as a Naval Squadron Commander.

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