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Kuwait Army
Founded 1948; 72 years ago (1948)
Country Kuwait
Branch Military of Kuwait
Type Army
HQ AlJiwan Camp
Motto(s) الله ثم الوطن والامير
Engagements Ramadan War, Invasion of Kuwait, Gulf War
Commander MG. Ibrahim AlWasmi

Kuwaiti Army is the primary land force of the Military of Kuwait. The Kuwaiti modern army was established in 1948.[1]

Kuwait's postwar equipment orders include 200 M-84 tanks (from Yugoslavia to offset previous Yugoslav oil purchases) and eighteen GCT 155mm self-propelled guns from France. Kuwait also has received United States, Russian, and Egyptian armored vehicles.[2]


  • AlJiwan Camp (HQ)
  • 6th (AlTahreer) Mechanized Brigade
  • 15th (Mubark) Armoured Brigade
  • 26th (AlSoor) Mechanized Brigade
  • 35th (AlShaheed) Armoured Brigade
  • 94th (AlYarmouk) Mechanized Brigade
  • 25th Commando Brigade (Independent)
  • National Guard Division (Independent)
    • AlSomoud Camp
    • Kathma Camp
    • AlTahreer Camp




Name Country of origin Type Number Note
M1A2 Abrams United States Main Battle Tank 218 Delivered between 1994–97
M-84AB Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Yugoslavia
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia
Main Battle Tank 150 200 Ordered 1989 and 15 in service by 1990
Desert Warrior Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom Infantry Fighting Vehicle 254 136 with 25mm gun, 118 APC. Delivered 1994-97
BMP-3 Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union
Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Infantry Fighting Vehicle 120 Delivered between 1995–96
BMP-2 Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union Infantry Fighting Vehicle 76 245 delivered between 1989–90 and 46 delivered between 1994-94
M113A2 United States Armoured Personnel Carrier 230 60 Active
M577 United States Armoured Personnel Carrier 30 Command post vehicle
Fahd 240 Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt Armoured Personnel Carrier 110 First delivered in 1988
Pandur Flag of Austria.svg Austria Armoured Personnel Carrier 70 National Guard in 6 versions. First entered service 1997
Shorland S600 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Ulster Banner.svg Northern Ireland
Armoured Personnel Carrier 22 National Guard, ordered in 1997 in 5 versions
VBL Flag of France.svg France Armoured Personnel Carrier 20 National Guard
PLZ-45 Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China Self-propelled Gun 75 27 delivered 200-01, 24 between 2002–03 and 24 ordered 2003
M-109A1B United States Self-propelled Gun 23 withdrawn from service
M88 Hercules United States Armoured Recovery Vehicle 14 -
M-84AI Flag of Poland.svg Poland
Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Yugoslavia
Armoured Recovery Vehicle 15 Polish WZT-3 built under license by Yugoslavia as M-84AI
Smerch 9A52 (300m) Flag of Russia.svg Russia MRLS 27 Purchased 1995-96


Name Country of origin Quantity Notes
TOW M-901 United States 8 -
TOW II United States 66 -
AT-4 Spigot Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union 80 -
AT-10 Flag of Russia.svg Russia 60 -

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