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Kyōgoku Takatomi (京極 高富?, 7 January 1835–9 February 1889) was a Japanese daimyo of the late Edo period, who ruled the Mineyama Domain of Tango Province.

Daimyo[edit | edit source]

Takatomi served as a wakadoshiyori in the Tokugawa shogunate.[1]

After submitting to the new imperial government in January 1868,[2] his domain participated in the Boshin War.

Takatomi was made a Viscount (shishaku) in the new Meiji nobility.

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Emblem (mon) of the Kyōgoku clan

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Preceded by
Kyōgoku Takakage
Daimyō of Mineyama
Succeeded by
Kyōgoku Takanobu

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