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Rabaul Airport19880217

Old Rabaul Airport (17 Feb 1988)

Lakunai Airfield was an aerodrome located near Rabaul, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The airfield was later known as Rabaul Airport. It is located at the foot of Tavurvur volcano, near Matupit Island. The airport was destroyed by the 1994 eruption that destroyed the town of Rabaul and subsequently the new airport was built and opened at Tokua, on the opposite side of the Rabaul caldera. The former airport was located at 04°13′S 152°11′E / 4.217°S 152.183°E / -4.217; 152.183 (Rabaul Airport (old)).[1]

The airfield was constructed by the Royal Australian Air Force as an emergency landing strip for Vunakanau Airfield and consisted of an unpaved 4,700 foot single runway during World War II. The airfield was captured during the battle of Rabaul in 1942 by the Imperial Japanese and was extensively modified and expanded. Lakunai was later neutralized by Allied air bombing from 1944.

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