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Leighton Barracks
AAF Station Würzburg R-24
Fliegerhorst Würzburg
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Leighton Barracks
Leighton Barracks (Germany)
Type Military Garrison
Coordinates Latitude:
In use 1936-2008
Battles/wars Western Front (World War II)

Leighton Barracks is a former military garrison, located 1.8 miles east of Würzburg in Franconia, Germany.


The garrison's origins begin in 1936 when Fliegerhorst Würzburg was established for the Luftwaffe as an operational base. It had an all-way grass landing/takeoff area where aircraft simply were directed into the wind for takeoffs and landings. Its use during World War II is undetermined.

Würzburg and its airfield was captured by the United States Army in April 1945 as part of the Western Allied invasion of Germany. The airfield was repaired by IX Engineering Command, Ninth Air Force into an Army Air Forces advanced Landing Ground, designated R-24. IX Air Service Command units used the airfield as a casualty evacuation and combat resupply airfield.

After the German Capitulation, Air Force units moved out of the field and the facility was turned over to the United States Army as an occupation garrison. For over 60 years, the facility, renamed Leighton Barracks after CPT John A. Leighton, Commanding Officer, Company G, 10th Armored Infantry Battalion, 4th Armored Division, who was killed in action July 18, 1944. American troops occupied the airfield on Easter, 1945. Leighton Barracks now served as headquarters for the 1st Infantry Division, along with subordinate military intelligence, signal, and maintenance units.

The former Luftwaffe/AAF airfield was reduced to a helipad, known as Leighton Army Airfield (Heliport). The garrison was closed in 2008 and returned to German control.


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